2012-2013 Champions Leagues: Porto and Bayern take advantage ahead of the return

The Malaga was presented in Oporto in these knockout stages of the Champions League 2012-2013 and it was with one of the worst versions. The Manuel Pellegrini played a pretty bad game, surpassed in all respects by the Portuguese, so the result of 1-0 does not seem so bad after watching the match, after seeing that Malaga has not even tested the reflexes of Helton.

Porto had all game long possession, and that was due in part to his physical superiority. The Portuguese team players were much more intense and, when they lost the ball, pushed too fast to retrieve the ball. Luckily, Benfica was not very lucky in front of goal and the goal only drilled once, despite throwing no less than 17 shots on goal.

Arsenal Bayern

Porto’s goal came in the 56th minute and scored what Joao Moutinho. The Portuguese midfielder finished off a pass with enough quality of Jackson Rodriguez, but left slightly offside, in a move quite tricky to pinpoint. The goal woke not far from Malaga and Pellegrini made decisive changes, aware that the best for his team was to keep open the tie.

And if the Malaga was wrong, it was worse Arsenal against Bayern Munich, in a round that has been very in the face for the German set. Those Heynckes won by 1-3 and leave very touched Arsene Wenger, increasingly criticized after recent results of the Gunners in the Premier League or the Capital One Cup and the FA Cup, where they are already eliminated.

Arsenal started well plugged, but Toni Kroos goal after 7 minutes was a blow to the London club. The dynamics of the game changed and Bayern became lord and master of himself, making it 0-2 after 21 minutes. The author of this goal was Thomas Muller, drawing a rejection of goalkeeper Szczesny. And everything seemed doomed.

The fate of Wenger changed in the second half thanks to unfortunate action of Manuel Neuer. The goal of the German sung allowed Podolski to score the goal of 1-2. There was more than half an hour ahead and bet on Arsenal for the tie, but ended up losing the bet. To the contrary, the Croatian Mandzukic marked the 1-3 and let cool to Emirates Stadium.

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