Sebastian Rode, another free signing for Bayern Munich

The Bayern record not only the best players in the Bundesliga, but also record well, without spending one euro, fail for other purchases. So, it has managed to Robert Lewandowski, the top scorer of the great rivals Borussia Dortmund, and so without paying a euro, has managed to Sebastian Rode, a less known player, but has a promising future.

Rode, of 23 years, is one of the midfielders with the greatest of German football. In recent seasons he has played at Eintracht Frankfurt, being a permanent fixture in the playmaker and key piece of equipment. In its first year, Bundesliga did not play much, but the next, in second category and 21 years old, was already undeniable and one of the men who joined for the Eagles returned to the top flight.

sebastian rode

This is not a player, but a player with a lot of travel. With its 1.80 meters high, at first glance looks like a classic German midfielder back and forth, but it’s much more than that, it has art, vision and last pass. His great defect is that, despite playing so close to the area, his goalscoring figures are quite loose, although those numbers in a team like Bayern, sure to improve. Read more »

Barcelona is the first champion of the Youth League

This 2013-2014 season, UEFA created a new competition, which called Youth League. It is, so we understand, in the Champions League for youth level teams, or more officially said, sub 19. Involved in her sub 32 teams 19 teams participating in the Champions League, and the competition is the same format as this one.

In the end, a single match played at the Stadium of Colovray Nyon, Switzerland, came a Spanish team, FC Barcelona, and a Portuguese team, Benfica SL, who had knocked out Real Madrid in the semifinals. And the honor of being the first winner of this new competition has been for Barcelona, with a clear victory by 3-0 that reflected their superiority.

barcelona youth team

The minute score was soon broken, for 9 minutes in the first chance of the game; Rodrigo Tarin marked the first of the afternoon taking advantage of a clear rejection goal. Only 5 minutes later there was one of the key moments of the match, penalty kick for Benfica. However, the Portuguese striker Romario Balde going to waste a chance to tie the match. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Bayern and Atletico are the other two semifinalists

There is a cliche in football that says who forgives ends up paying. That topic will have crossed his mind to all the fans of Atletico Madrid, who were at the Calderon and those without. And so, after 20 exquisite first few minutes, several times scattered throughout the remainder of the match, the score was only 1-0 for Atletico when it could have been much higher.

However, this topic tonight was not fulfilled, and Atletico Barcelona felled to the semifinals. A Barcelona apathetic with the ball at the feet, easy to cross in defense and no solutions from the bench. Best of Barca was Pinto, who saved a pair of goals and sung allied with poles, for up to three times the ball crashed into the wood of your goal.

atletico madrid vs barcelona

The goal Koke declined the balance in favor of Atletico, who suffered less by the end harassment of Barcelona but because it lacked the strength. Deservedly, Atletico Madrid and reached the semifinals of the Champions League, forty years after the previous occasion, leaving out a Barcelona that takes a blow again, in a year in which almost all bad news. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid suffered to live out of Dortmund and Chelsea back and gets into semifinals

Intense day of return of the quarterfinals in two games that seemed bent on going there but have left more than one with a heavy heart. On the one hand, Real Madrid signed his semi-finals sweating much more than expected to fit two goals in a disastrous first part you came to light all the shortcomings of Ancelotti.

Meanwhile former white coach, Jose Mourinho, Chelsea got the next phase to overcome the 3-1 first-leg goals from Demba Ba and Schurrle in 87.

real madrid champions league

Borussia Dortmund 2-0 Real Madrid (2-3 overall)

Overconfidence brought Real Madrid 3-0 at the Bernabeu to spend a quiet night in the German hell Signal Iduna Park. And it’s pupils Klopp was all left on the lawn from the first minute, working well pressure in three quarters to a Real Madrid that got stuck again and again when departing from own area. The trivote Ancelotti drowned outputs per band and when Ramos and Pepe were wanted to combine a Illara extremely nervous and misguided. Read more »

Champions League 2013-2014: before and broadcasts around rooms with Dortmund and Atletico-Barcelona-Real Madrid

The Champions League enters another important week because between Tuesday and Wednesday we have to know the name of the four semifinalists. These will be one that will leave the Spanish representative matched duel between Atletico Madrid and Barca but we hope to make it two as the Real Madrid has enough on track their tie against Borussia Dortmund.

The Whites played on Tuesday at 20:45 hours and grief can be followed by open La1. Same time and Canal + Champions League will see the Chelsea-PSG. The Spanish clash between Atletico and Barca will be played on Wednesday at the Calderon from 20:45. Both this match as the clash between Bayern Munich and Manchester United should be followed by Champions League Canal +.

champions league 2013 and 2014

Borussia Dortmund stadium is not a pleasant memory for Real Madrid last year came out with a 4-1 thrashed, ultimately, cost him the way to the final. This time the white hope things get better because the harvested 3-0 in the first leg is a great result and does not cross the Dortmund game as good a time as last year. The Germans have good news around Lewandowski whose goals would be very necessary if you want to be in the next phase while in Madrid Gareth Bale is doubtful that killed two knee points bereavement weekend against Real Sociedad. Read more »

2014 Davis Cup: Switzerland, Italy and France to semifinals

Team of Switzerland led by the third and fourth in the world rankings Stanislas Wawrinka and Roger Federer managed to win both singles Sunday and emerged victorious against Kazakhstan.

Italy finally prevailed from local to Great Britain and will be away to the Swiss in the semifinals while France completed the comeback against Germany with Gael Monfils won the last point before the young Peter Gojowczyk. The Gauls are rivals Czech Republic.

2014 davis cup

Australia champion Wawrinka fall came Friday against Andrey Golubev and he had the responsibility of winning the first singles Sunday against Mikhail Kukushkin otherwise Kazakhs took the key. Concern filled the stadium as Kukushkin won the first set in tiebreaker 7-6 (4). Wawrinka reacted in time and took the next three sets 6-4 now leaving everything in the hands of Federer to close the key. Read more »

Bahrain GP 2014 Formula 1: Hamilton and Mercedes rule, Alonso 3rd

Do we refer this season the team Mercedes to such overwhelming dominance as the Red Bull had last year? The question hangs in the air and for the sake of the fans and hopefully not but for now the German team continues to show strength for example signing a double in the first two practice sessions of the Bahrain GP.

These two practice sessions meant the beginning of the third Grand Prix of the season that Lewis Hamilton is postulated as the favorite. The British driver comes in the form after winning just 7 days ago in Malaysia and has a great car that has allowed him to be the best of the day with a time of 1’34 “325 scored in the second session which were lowered much times obtained in the first.

bahrain gp 2014 formula 1

Nico Rosberg was behind his teammate in both sessions. The German gave a couple of tenths in the first and three in the second, a significant difference but a pittance when you consider that Hamilton excelled in more than one second to Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard was ranked third in both batches being the best out of the Mercedes in a day of many tests but with little new about the cars that competed in Malaysia. Worst he went to Kimi Raikkonen who had mechanical problems. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Real Madrid and PSG are close to semifinals

Benzema to Carvajal Carvajal for Bale and Bale inside. Just two minutes into the game and had passed the fear of Borussia Dortmund faded. Ghosts of the semifinals last year vanished and it became clear that the German side is less fierce than met Real Madrid in the competition during the past year.

With that early goal from Bale, with both Isco (surprise in the starting lineup for today), and with both Cristiano Ronaldo (not fault his appointment with the goal in the Champions League), the Madrid scored a 3-0 in their favor, so it has taken a giant step to get into the semifinals. In addition, during the first half hour, the Madrid played so well that the result seems to short.

real madrid champions league

Thereafter, the Real Madrid a little diluted, which made for a few minutes, weigh the uncertainty of a possible goal for Borussia Dortmund. However, the team coached by Jurgen Klopp found a very toned Pepe, and pass to Lewandowski missed. While, the real problem was not the Dortmund midfield onwards, but midfield back. Read more »

2013-2014 Champions League: Barcelona tie, tie in Manchester

It was the fourth time they faced Barcelona and Atletico Madrid and, as in the three previous occasions, he finished the match in a draw. As before, Barcelona had the ball but struggled to create chances, while Atletico was used hard, intense or if you prefer, without the ball and hoped their luck in attacking genius.

That genius came thanks to Diego Ribas. The Brazilian, who came in for the injured Diego Costa Pinto surprised with a big shot and dynamited a meeting that had hitherto been somewhat bland, and had only had a couple of chances to David Villa as the main attraction. With the score 0-1 in 35 minutes to go, Barcelona had no choice but to turn to attack.

2013-2014 champions league

Another Brazilian, Neymar, would do the other goal of the night. It had been 15 minutes after the Atletico goal and a brilliant pass from Iniesta left tray Neymar in the equalizer. From here, Atletico gave good result in this tie and was entrusted to Courtois. The Belgian, as usual in recent months, saving his team responded when I needed it, so the Atleti advantage to come back. Read more »

ATP Ranking after the 2014 Miami Masters

The classification of the ATP after the recent Miami Masters, the Sony Open which ended on Sunday with a win over Novak Djokovic Rafa Nadal, presents some significant changes Monday.

The most important changes are the promotion of Roger Federer and Tomas Berdych. The Swiss climbed to Rank 4 while Berdych became the fifth player in the world. However the most notable decline was the Scottish Andy Murray fell to eighth. Also David Ferrer dropped to sixth place.

atp ranking 2014

Rafa still the leader but the difference Djokovic has been cropped to 1920 points. You then enter the Spaniard with maximum obligations on the clay season where end defends titles in Monte Carlo and Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Roland Garros. Read more »


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